Saturday, February 26, 2011

Real life beauty tips - beauty kit

Here's some real life beauty tips by our new writer, Love_Gucci otherwise known as Kylie!

I have some beauty tips, all complimentary of

Your very own Beauty Survival Kit

Running out the door? Don't have time to apply your favorite makeup? Or are you prepared for a beauty blunder? Well here are some tips to help those moments in life.

1. Clear gloss or chap stick - Never hurts to have some, to keep your lips moist and kissable.
2. Dental Floss - For those pieces of food stuck in those pretty teeth white, and just white.
3. Mini Mouthwash - To keep that breath smelling fresh, for the moments where you might have that special kiss.
4. Trial size perfume - Smelling good never hurts.
5. Hairspray or gel - For the moment the weather changes.
6. Visine or pressed powder - Visine is usually for the eyes, but put a little drop of this on your very red blemish, and then apply pressed powder.
7. tissues - Tears or allergies can spring on at anytime.
8. Bottle of lotion - Skin feels so much better when the it's smooth.
9. Extra pantyhose - Never know when your going to need em.
10. Toothbrush and toothpaste - To keep those choppers pearly white.

So, if ever in need, use your beauty supply kit indeed. - Kylie

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