Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annika's makeup corner (: No.2

Hey girls here i´m again…

This time I wanna present you my favourite nailpolishes….i´m from germany, so I may have brands you cant buy,but I guess only the colour matters anyway
So here I go

Number 1: Avon nailwear midnight plum; price:ca. 6€

A great dark violet,very pretty and it goes alng with every other colour so you wear it instead of black my opinion it’s a very gmalorous and mature colour..i love it!

Number 2: basic nailpolish noname; price: 2€

It’s a darc metallic blue,whick looks amazing to a casual outfit.although it’s a cheap polish the quality is great and the polish is so metallic and the colour is like an ocean in the Mediterranean sea

Number 3 : OPI suzi skis in the Pyrenees; price:16€

Although it may look black,its rather grey or olive…that’s what makes this polish so fascinating because the the colour depends on the light..

Which are your favourite polishes? Contact me on SD or here in the comments

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annika's makeup corner (:

New writer, her name's Annika, her usernames morpheus123 !

Here's what we'll re-create today!
I´m fascinated by make-up and i have loads of it so i decided to create a little make-up corner.i´ll present you some looks for different events. I can also do reviews or give advices.So if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or to ask me in FC.

Going-out make up:
On this picture you can see a typical and easy make-up for the evening. Of course you can use other products than shown on the pic, just use the same colours.
Here are the following steps:
1. Start with a base,so use your crème,foundation,eye shadow base (its really working) and make-up/powder (I only use powder and concealer)
2. Put some white-glittery eyeshadow on your whole eyelid (up to the eyebrows) and on the water line (i´m not sure about this word in English)
3. Now use the marine-blue eyeshadow on the moving lid and blur it on your waterline
4. For some shadows use a grey eyeshadow in your eyelid crease and take a grey eye-pencil for a small line. Now use some white eyeshadow/line for the highlights in the corners of your eyes. And the most important thing your favourite mascara
5. The last 2 steps are now lips and in the picture use a nude lipstick (like myth by mac) and maybe a colourless lipgloss.Use some rose blush for your cheeks and use bronzer for creating contours. I also recommend you to define your eyebrows..

And now take your brushes and recreate this make up 

Real life beauty tips - eyes

Oh Hai, I have some new beauty tips for you.

Makeup tips for your eyes. Ever want to make your eyes pop with beauty? Here are some tips on how to do so. These tips can help when picking out your next eyeshadow and liner. They are also based on eye color.

For blue eyes - You know you want your baby blues to stand out, so colors like browns with slight hint of purple will be the trick. Also colors like gray and rose colored shadows work as well. Really to give contrast to your eyes.

Brown eyes - Almost all colors go with brown eyes, but to get that pop, try greens, pinks, or blues, but be careful, because some tones can make your eyes look muddy.

Green/Hazel eyes- If your like me, using purple shades really do make your eyes stand out, for a more dramatic look. If you want a more natural look, try warmer shades like mocha browns with slight undertones of orange. Taupe colors, mocha colors and lavender purple colors also work, with a slight shimmer of gold underneath them.

Anyone can have beautiful eyes, finding the right colors will have everyone looking at your stunning eyes.

-Kylie/ Love_Gucci


Real life beauty tips - beauty kit

Here's some real life beauty tips by our new writer, Love_Gucci otherwise known as Kylie!

I have some beauty tips, all complimentary of

Your very own Beauty Survival Kit

Running out the door? Don't have time to apply your favorite makeup? Or are you prepared for a beauty blunder? Well here are some tips to help those moments in life.

1. Clear gloss or chap stick - Never hurts to have some, to keep your lips moist and kissable.
2. Dental Floss - For those pieces of food stuck in those pretty teeth white, and just white.
3. Mini Mouthwash - To keep that breath smelling fresh, for the moments where you might have that special kiss.
4. Trial size perfume - Smelling good never hurts.
5. Hairspray or gel - For the moment the weather changes.
6. Visine or pressed powder - Visine is usually for the eyes, but put a little drop of this on your very red blemish, and then apply pressed powder.
7. tissues - Tears or allergies can spring on at anytime.
8. Bottle of lotion - Skin feels so much better when the it's smooth.
9. Extra pantyhose - Never know when your going to need em.
10. Toothbrush and toothpaste - To keep those choppers pearly white.

So, if ever in need, use your beauty supply kit indeed. - Kylie

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unique medolls (:

Ive picked 2 unique medolls for the moment. I will pick more unique people next week.

The 2 I've picked are MissCrazyDaisy1 and loves2walkaway , both from OC .

Here's the medolls! *Note; There is a difference between medoll and outfit, I will do outfit next week;


What do you think ? Are they worthy of the unique title ? Please comment and help get us followers! I will do a makeup tutorial soon, let me know what you would like to see!
-Rachel/Dancaholic98 x

Unique sceneries

The unique sceneries creator is Silvia [Lili252] yet another 'FA'er'.
She had so many good sceneries, It was hard to choose 2, so I picked 4!

Here they are;

Are they just UH-MAZING ?! Seriously, this chick has talent, couldnt do it myself =]
Please follow and COMMENT! I dont want my hard work to go to waste ):
-Rachel/Dancaholic98 x

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New section: Unique medolls! WE'RE BACK!

Well, Im back, seeing as Im the only writer :L

Anyways, we'll start off with a unique suite. My friend Olivia [fizzpixel] is who I have chosen first. Although she only has 2 suite's that caught my eye [besides her fashion room] What she has is great! Here's her suite;

Her first suite is interesting. I think its based around the 'other world' collection? And the second one is obvs. the banquet hall in Harry Potter. VERY well done in my opinion.
Next, I intend to do either unique medoll or scenery. Watch this space!

Please let us now how we're doing in comments, it would be nice to have feedback (:
-Rachel/Dancaholic98 x

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First tutorial : Night Glamour

Okay, so first we'll start with something easy & simple.

Here is the inspiration image;

1.) First of all, put on your Dot mascara & Dot black eyeliner, around the outside edges only

2.) Next, put on black sparkly eyeshadow

3.) Now, put one layer of white eyeshadow over half of the black, like this:

4.) Now its lip time! Put on some bright red lippie like so ;

5.) Almost done! Time to add some Luxe sparkle lipgloss

There! We're all done! Here's a picture of the finished look!

Hope you like it! What do you think ? Would you rock this look ? & what about the layout ? Were the steps easy to follow ? Let me know in comments, and please follow!

-Dancaholic98 xx

New banner!

You like ? --Cathie-- Made the doll graphic, I did the writing & stickers!

Whaddaya think ?

Yes, I know Im behind on makeup tips etc, but I have no team yet! Please follow :)

Ill post a tutorial very soon!

-Dancaholic98 x