Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annika's makeup corner (: No.2

Hey girls here i´m again…

This time I wanna present you my favourite nailpolishes….i´m from germany, so I may have brands you cant buy,but I guess only the colour matters anyway
So here I go

Number 1: Avon nailwear midnight plum; price:ca. 6€

A great dark violet,very pretty and it goes alng with every other colour so you wear it instead of black my opinion it’s a very gmalorous and mature colour..i love it!

Number 2: basic nailpolish noname; price: 2€

It’s a darc metallic blue,whick looks amazing to a casual outfit.although it’s a cheap polish the quality is great and the polish is so metallic and the colour is like an ocean in the Mediterranean sea

Number 3 : OPI suzi skis in the Pyrenees; price:16€

Although it may look black,its rather grey or olive…that’s what makes this polish so fascinating because the the colour depends on the light..

Which are your favourite polishes? Contact me on SD or here in the comments


  1. We have Avon over here in England and I have the exact same colour as you, the purple (:

  2. Cool! Do you like it ? The blog ? (:

  3. thats cool...i love this polish the colour is amazing...thanks for commenting:)