Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New section: Unique medolls! WE'RE BACK!

Well, Im back, seeing as Im the only writer :L

Anyways, we'll start off with a unique suite. My friend Olivia [fizzpixel] is who I have chosen first. Although she only has 2 suite's that caught my eye [besides her fashion room] What she has is great! Here's her suite;

Her first suite is interesting. I think its based around the 'other world' collection? And the second one is obvs. the banquet hall in Harry Potter. VERY well done in my opinion.
Next, I intend to do either unique medoll or scenery. Watch this space!

Please let us now how we're doing in comments, it would be nice to have feedback (:
-Rachel/Dancaholic98 x

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