Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First tutorial : Night Glamour

Okay, so first we'll start with something easy & simple.

Here is the inspiration image;

1.) First of all, put on your Dot mascara & Dot black eyeliner, around the outside edges only

2.) Next, put on black sparkly eyeshadow

3.) Now, put one layer of white eyeshadow over half of the black, like this:

4.) Now its lip time! Put on some bright red lippie like so ;

5.) Almost done! Time to add some Luxe sparkle lipgloss

There! We're all done! Here's a picture of the finished look!

Hope you like it! What do you think ? Would you rock this look ? & what about the layout ? Were the steps easy to follow ? Let me know in comments, and please follow!

-Dancaholic98 xx

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