Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annika's makeup corner (:

New writer, her name's Annika, her usernames morpheus123 !

Here's what we'll re-create today!
I´m fascinated by make-up and i have loads of it so i decided to create a little make-up corner.i´ll present you some looks for different events. I can also do reviews or give advices.So if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or to ask me in FC.

Going-out make up:
On this picture you can see a typical and easy make-up for the evening. Of course you can use other products than shown on the pic, just use the same colours.
Here are the following steps:
1. Start with a base,so use your crème,foundation,eye shadow base (its really working) and make-up/powder (I only use powder and concealer)
2. Put some white-glittery eyeshadow on your whole eyelid (up to the eyebrows) and on the water line (i´m not sure about this word in English)
3. Now use the marine-blue eyeshadow on the moving lid and blur it on your waterline
4. For some shadows use a grey eyeshadow in your eyelid crease and take a grey eye-pencil for a small line. Now use some white eyeshadow/line for the highlights in the corners of your eyes. And the most important thing your favourite mascara
5. The last 2 steps are now lips and in the picture use a nude lipstick (like myth by mac) and maybe a colourless lipgloss.Use some rose blush for your cheeks and use bronzer for creating contours. I also recommend you to define your eyebrows..

And now take your brushes and recreate this make up 

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